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A career in the culinary arts isn't for everyone. Most young people aren't going to make working in a restaurant their life's work. While many professional chefs love what they do, students need to have other career options.

One possible career is photography. Being a professional photographer can be a great job for the right person. First, you have to absolutely love taking and developing pictures and still images. There are plenty of different jobs that involve photography. You could work in the media, have your own studio, or even show your photos as works of art. Learn about photography careers.

A practical college major is web design. Every business and organization needs a website, and they need someone to design, make and maintain them. Check into what a web design training program looks like.

Computer animation specialists create graphics and put together a love of gaming technology along with formal academic education. There are some really interesting programs at some of the better schools. You can read more at a site like this one.

Another practical field is car repair. We all drive cars and they all need to be maintained and fixed from time to time. Auto mechanics don't need to spend years at school before they start to work either. Mechanics do spend some time in continuing education, keeping up to date on the latest changes in auto technology. Sites like www.AutoRepairClass.com helps students find classes in their town.

Or you could always go to college and enroll in their business school. Business degrees never go out of style. While graduating with a business degree doesn't guarantee a great job, most students can turn their business school degree into a pretty good entry level position. See if a business degree is in your future.

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